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Storyboard Portfolio

Storyboard Portfolio

Thanks for taking a look at at my Storyboarding page! I have experience in storyboarding at Titmouse, Bento Box Entertainment,  Lucasfilm Animation, Disney XD, and Disney Consumer Products. Below, you will see a sample of my work!

If you’re a recruiter and are interested in seeing my more recent work here:, please email me at for a password. Otherwise, please enjoy my currently released works! 



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Cinematic/Layout Reel

Cinematic/Layout Reel

Cinematic work from my year and a half with Telltale Games.
Responsible for position and movement of cameras, characters, and props from start to final look of game. Also responsible for character acting using the Telltale animation library.

Credited Games are:
Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1
Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3
Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4
Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5

Batman Season 1 Episode 2
Batman Season 1 Episode 4

Guardians of the Galaxy Season 1 Episode 1
Guardians of the Galaxy Season 1 Episode 3
Guardians of the Galaxy Season 1 Episode 4
Guardians of the Galaxy Season 1 Episode 5


Animation Demo Reel

Animation Demo Reel

Though my main work consists of Storyboarding, I have a very strong animation background as well as a handful of animation jobs in both the Gaming and Television industries! Here you can see a variety of my animation works, consisting of work in After Effects, Toon Boom Harmony, and 3d Programs such as Maya and Motion Builder. 

Thanks for looking!

“Scout’s Honor” is my senior thesis from Ringling College of Art and Design. The film was written, boarded, modeled, textured, lit, and animated by me.

A collection of my professional 2d animated works from Disney Consumer Products and Maker Studios. Work was done mostly in After Effects and some Toon Boom Harmony. 

Here is a compilation of some scenes I worked on at 2K Games WWE18. This dealt with Motion Capture in the Motion Builder program. I cleaned up Mo-Cap, animated faces and hands from scratch, positioned cameras, and dealt with constraints and other basic effects in the program. 

Below are still images breaking down some of my cg animated projects.


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